Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Humiliating my cuckold

Humiliation my cuckolds

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I have to admit i love nothing more than humiliating my cuckolds on live cam or in person. I have met many cucks  and loved to have them sit there and watch as i have fun with the real man and the little cuck is there only to do the fluffing. They dream of being worthy to get close to a woman but let's be honest all a cuckold is good for is the clean u job after. No matter how humiliating it is for them to have to lick the real mans cock clean or to lick the cum from his Mistress,wife or girlfriends pussy they know this is their job and it is what they must always do. At we have many women who are looking for little cucks like you so they can tease them. We want our husbands to laugh at your little dicks and to make you bow down to them you know it is your job.
The cuck and my Husband he was made to watch us have sex and then clean up after and serve us wine and grapes for the rest of the night, we dressed him up as a sissy and threw out his man clothes after all what use would they be to a little dicked sissy cuck loser like him?
We love it  is where you can find REAL women who love to abuse little cuckolds like you.You can read lots about how much fun we get when humiliating our cucks online and making them into our little fluffers.The only way you satisfy me is by sucking a huge dick.Our cuckies know their place and that is to lick the cum from our pussy or from the mans cock. Cuckolds must clean up at all times, it is the onlye job they have and they must do it well, to stay in their Mistresses good books at all times. Get ready to lick the cum and clean the pussy

He knew his job was to clean up and to worship the Masters cock, he knew he was to get him hard and ready to fuck me he  was a good little cuckold who we loved to laugh at  i loved to moan as i was having sex and we loved to describe to this little sissy just how good it felt
so what type of cuckold are you then? Are you the type to be the fluffer?
come on admit it you know your place is the sissy to make sure we enjoy sex with real mean
and not little sissy faggotts like you
so enter now into our live cuckold cams training and see for yourself and hear for yourself why you are so useless, pathetic and weak.

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