Saturday, 6 September 2014

Humiliating cuckolds live

I have to be honest when i say just how much i love to humiliate cuckolds. You useless ones do relise that us women prefer bulls? We like to feel satisfied with a real man especially when he is so well hung. WE just need you to do the fluffing.
Tell you what perhaps you can come shopping with me and pay for the sexy lingerie i will wear that night when i am with the real man, But you know deep down you will never see me in it. Your job is just to help me prepare after that i have no need.
You can suck him to make him hard and then you can sit in my panties with a chastity on and watch me having sex with the real proper well hung guy.
You are nothing but a little sissy that we all laugh at.
Your job is to clean up afterwards sissy girl!
To get down on your hands and knees like a slut and lick his dick clean and then let me squat on your face and have the real cum load drip out of me into your pathetic mouth. You will beg for more and more
When he pisses in the toilete you clean it up. you use the toothbrush and your tongue as we sit back and laugh at you. You feed us grapes and wine and fluff our pillows, we snap our fingers you jump.
Are you ready for your training cuck? As humiliating cucks is what we do best

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